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Carsinigin (pronounced kär-ˈsi-nə-jən) a deliberate misspelling of "carcinogen"

Definition: a substance or agent causing cancer

What make a great Xbox Live Game?

Here are some of my thought on what makes a great Xbox Live game.  I hope to fill out this outline into a coherent article at some point.

  • Single-Player
    • Storyline: Some games seem to forget about the story.  See Unreal Championship.
    • I want to be logged in to Xbox Live:  I play the single player game when I'm waiting for a friend to jump online.  There is nothing better then seeing the game invitation icon in the corner of my screen when been playing the same level for the umpteenth time trying to beat with using only non-lethal weapons.
  • Playing the Multi-player part of the game
    • Friends List:  List the game your friends are in(Ghost recon doesn't do this) and make it simple to find the list.  I should be able to hit the start button and scroll down to the friends list from anywhere in the game.
    • Content:  Full Spectrum Warrior has the same content for the single player as the multi-player.  One can only hope that they will update the game and bring in an adversarial mode.  A good Xbox live game is really two games in one.  The Multi-player should be a different experience then the single player.
  • Control
    • We should be able to set any button to do any action.  Some of us play a lot of different games in the same genre, we don't want to have the X button be reload in one game when it's jump in an other.  Let us pick what each button does and provide your recommendations.  Hell even let us trade our controller configurations with friends.
  • Voice Communications
    • Proximity Chat and Team Chat:  Both should be supported.  I want to be able to taunt my prey.
    •  Individual volume control for other players:  Some people talk softly others shout.  I may want to talk to them but I don't want to have hearing damage just because they can't move the mic away from their mouth.
  • Hosting
    • Lobbies
      • Reading indication
      • Host can force a launch
      • Player can force a launch through a vote
      • Must be able to have voice communications with everyone in the lobby
    • Kicking and Banning:  I don't want to kick the same guy multiple times.  Also it should not be easy to accidental kick your buddy who just happens to be next to the annoying guy on the players list. 
    • Friends: Let us change the number of reserved spots for friends in the game.  There is nothing more frustrating then having to close a room and reopen it just to change a setting for the server
    • Options:  The more options you give the host the better.  Let them choose the type of weapons that are allowed so that they can disable that one weapon that's not balanced. 
  • Expandability
    • New maps
    • New game types
    • Let us make maps
  • User Feedback
    • More options for sending feedback about a player.  We need options like "Immature,"  "Annoying," "SpawnCamper," and "TeamKiller" and then thresholds that the host can set not to let people in with too many of those feedbacks.
    • Score players based off of Live's feedback system.  I want to know if the guy that just entered the room is going to be a pain.
  • User Base
    • I came over to xbox live because I was sick of upgrading my PC to play the latest games and for Voice communications
    • Games have ratings, Enforce them.  I should not be constantly running into pre-teens in rated "M" games. 


The simple answer is to that question is game play, but there are plenty of examples where the game play was great but the game does not rank well in my book. 


----- Notes -----

Read http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20030328/isensee_01.shtml

Published Tuesday, June 1, 2004 4:44 PM by Carsinigin



Carsinigin said:

Well, Hear hear...
July 14, 2004 1:34 AM

Carsinigin said:

You forgot control man. I want to be able to change my controls to whatever the hall I want them to be. Not everyone wants to learn new controls every time a new FPS comes out. Also a butt load of customizabilty when it comes to multi-player (see Halo), I wanna be able to change every characteristic of gameplay that I can think of, from gravity, to amount of life, to cheesy gameplay modes (Halo, oddball anyone?).
July 14, 2004 1:22 PM

Carsinigin said:

I've thrown together an outline of what I think makes a great Xbox Live game. Read it here
April 19, 2006 1:23 PM
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