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Carsinigin (pronounced kär-ˈsi-nə-jən) a deliberate misspelling of "carcinogen"

Definition: a substance or agent causing cancer

CS SubDomains

Because I can never find this post when I'm looking for it:

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CS Subdomains

Timothy Humphrey has release a very nice Community Server add-on which enables you to quickly and easily setup blogs/forums/etc as individual subdomains.

The SubdomainModule class internally redirects specific urls to specific portions of Community Server; it can also intercept links before they are rendered and change them to appear to be within the subdomain url used to access the page. The net effect is that a portion of Community Server can be isolated from the entire community and appear to be a standalone application while unaffecting the rest of the community.

For example, normally blogs are stored under the blogs/(blog) directory, where (blog) is the blog name. To access a blog named "personal" you would normally use http://server.com/blogs/personal. With the SubdomainModule class you could have a subdomain called "personal" that points to this url and access it with the following url, http://personal.server.com.

You can download the add-on here.

Published Thursday, May 11, 2006 1:28 PM by Carsinigin
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