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Carsinigin (pronounced kär-ˈsi-nə-jən) a deliberate misspelling of "carcinogen"

Definition: a substance or agent causing cancer

An end may be near.

Video games just don't hold the same appeal this days compared to a couple years ago.   I still play my Xbox everyday but some days I only play a few minutes to keep my streak going on 360voice.  Rock Band has been the only recent game to hold my interest for more then a few months.   I feel like there is almost too many games out there.   My fondest gaming memories are on the original Xbox when live just came out and there were less then 10 good games on Live.   It wasn't hard to find a good match with decent, both skill wise and socially, players.   Now that is almost impossible without setting up a private match and only inviting your friends.  Even friends only matches are hard because everyone is playing a different game each week.

Published Tuesday, June 24, 2008 1:16 PM by Carsinigin
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