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Carsinigin (pronounced kär-ˈsi-nə-jən) a deliberate misspelling of "carcinogen"

Definition: a substance or agent causing cancer

July Wrap Up

July has been a busy month for me.   At work I've been involved in what can best be described as a failed attempt to launch a new product.   You know a product is doomed when you just have a small role in it's launch and the product manager swings by your desk to ask you basic question about the product function.   Apparently because I can code I'm automatically an expert on the product, even though the only thing I did for it was create a simple app that connects up to the device and shoves the customer configurable program into it.   Oh Well.

Home life has been great this month with my wife's birthday and a month filled with home improvement projects that are never as simple as they should be.  The big one this month is the back door.  I was going to scrap and paint it one Saturday afternoon.  Three weeks later it's finally scrapped and patched up but the on and off rain this last week has kept me from painting it. 

Published Tuesday, July 31, 2007 10:20 AM by Carsinigin
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