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Xbox Warranty Return December

I've made a lot of trips to my local UPS store this month.   Most of them dealt with the normal shipping and receiving of Christmas gifts.  But I've made five trips for warranty replacements of Xbox related items.  I've picked up my empty box for the racing wheel so it doesn't start my house on fire, an empty box for my broken Xbox 360, a box with a new Rock Band guitar,  then I've sent my 360 back (within a half hour of getting the box), and lastly sending my broken Rock Band guitar back.

I normally can't stand EA, but they were the only ones to do the warranty right.  They sent me the replacement guitar first (taking my credit card number in case I never sent the broken one back) saving me and them the hassle of shipping and picking up an empty box.   Microsoft could do the same thing for Red Rings of Death.  It not like they ever send back the same box and I didn't want that one back anyway.  They just shipped my replacement today and from the serial number it looks like it's a brand new unit. SWEET.  I found a good blog post that lets you break down your serial number and let you know when and where it was manufactured. 

From: http://blog.iamjay.ca/2007/03/19/your-xbox-360-serial-number/

To know when and where your console was made, you need the last 5 digits of the serial number.  The first of those five digits is the year in which it was made (5 = 2005, 6 = 2006, 7 = 2007).  The next two are the week in which it was made (01 = 1st week, 02 = 2nd week up to 52 = last week of the year).  You can use this calendar to pinpoint the exact month.  The last two digits is where the console was assembled (05 = China, 06 = China and 07 = China).

The three manufacturing facilities that assemble the Xbox 360 are Wistron, Flextronics and Celestica.  Wistron has ceased production of new consoles as of this summer.

I still don't have a tracking number to see if the shipment made it into the UPS system today but my guess it that it will be Thursday or Friday before I get my Xbox back.

Published Friday, December 21, 2007 9:14 PM by Carsinigin
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